The Sun, Sunscreen & SPF

Let’s talk SUNSCREEN!!!


It’s that time of the year in Houston when the sun will shine bright and feel hot, really hot! Although we should be protecting our skin all year long, this time of year is extremely important because we are out and about enjoying friends, family and lots of water activities. The type of sunscreen and level of SPF both make a huge difference for the health of your skin. With all of the chemicals that are placed inside of sunscreens, it’s best to find a sunscreen product that’s photostable and can hold up to the harsh sun without the extra chemical based ingredients.

Now, SPF is very important, but the number doesn’t really mean much if you’re not applying it generously. Sunscreen should be applied to the entire face and brought down to the neck and décolletage, if it’s exposed. No one wants a crepey neck, right?!?

To purchase your sunscreen that’s free of chemicals, preservatives, oils, fragrances, is photostable and water resistant stop by Shanti Spa in Sugar Land, TX today!