Does this cleanser have lots of foam?

As an Esthetician, this is the question I get asked the most whenever I’m recommending a cleanser.  Most of my new clients love and are accustomed to using a cleanser that is abundant in foam, but did you know that the ingredient used to create an abundance of the fluffy white stuff is extremely drying and harsh to the skin?  I like to tell my clients that foam, foam and more foam does not equal better or cleaner.  Our skin loves to be well hydrated so choosing the right cleanser will set the foundation for your other facial products to function at their full potential. The cleansers that I love and recommend are all made without sulfates – the harsh ingredients that strip the skin and causes dehydration – yet still offers you a nice lather. It is important to remember that in order to achieve happier, healthier, more vibrant skin to always choose a cleanser that is free from this moisture sucking ingredient. To find the cleanser that’s best for you, just book an appointment and let’s get you on the right track. I promise, your skin will thank you!