The Untold TRUTH about Makeup Wipes

Let’s talk about Makeup Wipes. They are always so conveniently placed at the checkout area in Sephora. There you are, standing in line and you think “why not, this will save me some time at night when I don’t feel like washing my face or taking off my makeup.” Well, let me tell you that this is a big, fat, major, NO!   Makeup wipes are a great idea but you should only use them as your first step of removal. Always, always, always follow up with a deep cleansing cleanser suitable for your skin type and condition. By using the makeup wipes as your first removal process you’re able to use less cleanser. Follow up with a toner (more on toners later) and your favorite nightly serum.   As my go to makeup wipe, I like to use the Makeup Eraser! It’s a washable facial cloth the removes makeup with just warm water. I love it since I’m able to throw it in the wash and use it over and over again…The Makeup Eraser is sold at Shanti Spa. Come by to purchase it and try it for yourself!!