Massage Therapy

The perfect full body massage that uses aromatic warm towels and a variation of pressure and techniques. This therapeutic massage increases circulation and detoxifies while putting the mind and body at ease.  Choose this service if you’re interested in Deep Tissue, Swedish and/or Myo-Fasical Release.
60 min
Every part of your back, neck and shoulders will get the attention it needs. Using a combination of Myofascial Release (as taught by John Barnes), Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques that will help stimulate the flow of blood and increase oxygen – leaving the muscles of your back at ease.
40 min $125
Relax as nine essential oils are placed like raindrops along the spine and gently massaged into your back and feet to release toxins. The anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the essential oils match the vibrational frequency of the muscle, bones and organs contributing to their health.
60 min
Abhyanga Massage is an Ayurvedic massage that deeply relaxes and nourishes the body using warmed organic massage oil that has been infused with special herbs and the essential oil of your choice. The warmed oil is applied using long strokes with light to moderate pressure. Each section of the body is finished with the use of warmed stones to further relax the muscles and nourish the skin.
60 min
Get ready to unwind as the Young Living Essential Oil of your choice is massaged into your skin for an aromatic head-to-toe experience. Essential Oils can be chosen to help with Emotional Release if you are experiencing symptoms from stress, headaches or even if you just need a boost.
60 min
Therapeutic acupressure to the feet stimulates reflexes throughout the entire body’s glands and organs, helping clear out congestion, activate the circulation of energy, and revitalize and balance the entire body. Peppermint essential oil or the oil of your choice can be added.
30 min